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3/30 Eyewitness Report Back on the Wisconsin Occupation(s)

Wednesday, March 30 from 7:00 to 9:00
Eyewitness Report Back on the Wisconsin Protests and Occupations

With Bria Morgan and Devin

Bria, a native of Madison and now a Bay Area resident, will talk about her five-day experience in the capitol itself, how that culture reflected and was reflected by the larger protest movement, and what it means when anarchists are sharing inflatable mattresses with cops in support of teacher’s rights. Devin, who grew up in rural Wisconsin and now divides his time between the SF and Milwaukee, will speak about resistance and organizing in Milwaukee–in particular the occupations and strikes on the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee campus, and the neighborhood assembly in the Riverwest area, home to much of Milwaukee’s anarchist activity–and lessons for a potentially similar situation in California

$2-5 donation to benefit Station 40’s event infrastructure fund
(but no one turned away for lack of money)

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