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5/25 Creating Collective Circles in Square Communities

Wednesday, May 25 at 7:00 p.m.

Creating Collective Circles in Square Communities

A discussion on how to help put together the initial antiauthoritarian infrastructure needed in places outside the Bay Area that can cultivate a culture that values equality and the collective consciousness of the environmental, social, and political cause and effects; by establishing the space, vision, and organizational processes to connect and empower the isolated, the marginalized, and the disenfranchised people; and organize an active community of community organizers. A group conversation on how to translate our vision into their realities, and how they can utilize skills and paradigms to deal with their local issues within their environmental, social, political, cultural, and economic realities, and how to evolve the patterns and procedures to achieve positive change and accumulate collective momentum.

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5/18 Bay Area Anarchist Salon & Potluck

Wednesday, May 18 at 7:30 p.m.

Bay Area Anarchist Salon & Potluck

The Bay Area Anarchist Salon, a monthly facilitated conversation by and for anarchists, features a specific question, which we then answer together, and a potluck meal. Bring food, drink, or dessert to share!

Question: To be announced soon.

$2-5 donation to benefit Station 40’s community events infrastructure (but no one turned away for lack of money)

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5/10 Solidarity with the Native Encampment at Glen Cove

An evening of information, updates and ways to get involved.

Tuesday, May 10 7:30pm

Please join organizers and participants in the ongoing native struggle at Glen Cove in Vallejo for this timely and important event:

For three weeks, members of the local native community and their supporters have been occupying the 15 acre Glen Cove sacred site along the Carquinez Strait in order to stop the city of Vallejo’s, Greater Vallejo Recreation District, from destroying this sacred ancestral burial ground and turning it into a parking lot, bathrooms and paved trail. Spiritual leaders from Ohlone, Miwok, Pomo and other local tribes consider the proposed development plans to be an offensive desecration of this holy area that has already seen many years of abuse in the hands of settlers. Furthermore, they consider the manipulation of their ancestors’ burial site to be a violation of their human and religious rights. The spiritual encampment has successfully held off the development thus far and it continues to grow in size and strength. This event will give an overview of the current struggle and ways to show solidarity and get involved. There will also be space for questions and discussion in order to build momentum across the Bay Area in order to win this fight. The event will also serve as a site to bring donations for the encampment for those who can not travel there themselves (see below)

Featuring speakers
Corrina Gould, Chochenyo Ohlone, Founder/Indian People Organizing for Change
Wounded Knee De Ocampo, Miwok, President of SSP&RIT
& other participants in the Glen Cove Spiritual Encampment

Please bring donations for the struggle:
– AAA batteries
– 8gb or larger SD card for the legal observation video camera
– a canopy/shade structure
– non-additive tobacco
– black pants, size 34-40 for Security
– various spices for cooking
– bike locks
– cash donations

More information:

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