6/22 Bay Area Anarchist Salon and Potluck

Wednesday, June 22 at 7:30 p.m.

Bay Area Anarchist Salon & Potluck

The Bay Area Anarchist Salon, a monthly facilitated conversation by and for anarchists, features a specific question, with initial respondents and then a group conversation, plus a potluck/Food Not Bombs meal. Bring vegan/veggie food, drink, or dessert to share! And stay after the salon for tea and socializing.

Question: It’s not a revolution if all we do is dance: How do we anarchy up queerness in the Bay? Many of us feel disappointed at how little our anarchist politics and queer lifestyles intersect. Creating more nonheteronormative political space is up to us! This salon will explore ways we could proactively do just that.

Initial respondents: Sparklepants Beck, queer homeless youth organizer/proudly failing nonprofit worker; Essex Lordes, black havoq unicorn; and one of the militant fags of station 40.

$2-5 donation to benefit Station 40’s community events infrastructure (but no one turned away for lack of money)


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