2/22-3/22 Month Long Fundraiser Drive!

Our homies in Brooklyn need your dollars to keep their amazing space going strong!

This month-long fundraising drive is looking to raise $1,000 a month which will sustain us for practically the entirety of The Base’s 3 year lease. We are looking for 25 people to donate $20 a month. And 50 people to donate $10 a month.

How to Donate:

1. Go to this address:

2. Select the dollar amount you would like a new window will open.

3. Under the ‘Recurring’ option at the bottom, select ‘Donate $XX’, then click the drop down window to select ‘Monthly’

4. Click ‘Next’ to enter payment information

About The Base:
The Base is a sociopolitical space in Bushwick, Brooklyn, committed to the dissemination of revolutionary left ideas and organizing.


Calendar of the Month’s events:

February 22nd, 6-10pm: Open House at The Base
March 1st, 7pm: Library Grand Opening Party
March 8th, 10pm: DJ Night at Brass Bottle
March 15th, 8:30pm: Political Satire with Simon Critchley and Jarrod Shanahan

Six months ago we opened The Base with some modest and some ambitious intentions. We wanted to create a venue where young people and the broader populace can engage with anarchist and revolutionary ideas and organizing models in a respectful and open way. We also wanted to create a model and platform where revolutionary modes of organizing can spread beyond the space and interact with the city/country/world in new ways.

Every week now we have talks, several workshops, film screenings, organizing projects and are developing one of the best revolutionary libraries in the city.

Everything we do here is free and built on mutual aid and our firm belief in the projects that are developing.

So now at this point we’re asking for supporters, politicos, occupiers, comrades, and friends who have been using the space, growing with us, and interested in liberatory politics to contribute to our recurring donation drive and become sustainers of The Base.

We are specifically looking for 25 people to donate $20 a month. And secondly, 50 people to donate $10 a month. That will give us $1000 a month and will be adequate for practically the entirety of the spaces 3 year lease.

So for the next month, we’re asking for your help with a small recurring donation and help sharing this fundraiser on social media outlets and other avenues.

During this fundraiser month, please join us for talks, parties, and an open house to celebrate what’s happened so far and glancing toward the future of what may be possible.

Thanks friends! In solidarity we’ll keeping marching until we reach a borderless, stateless world where the beauty of cooperation and solidarity prevail.

Thank you so much for your support and for becoming a sustainer of the Base!

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