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Sun 3/30 Coffee Not Cops 11am

Sunday March 30
11:00 AM
16th Street BART Plaza

Taking inspiration from our homies at Food Not Bombs, and as a way to make an intervention in the conversation on “cleaning up the plaza” in a low key and social way, Coffee Not Cops shares free coffee, pastries, and literature for everyone kicking it in the plaza (except the police, of course).

We want to keep the plaza as a place — a commons — for hanging out for all the folks who’ve called it their home for years. For us that means carving out a section of the plaza that is unwelcoming to the cops, who have recently made a point to occupy the area morning, noon, and night. We want to shine a light on the fact that the police presence in the plaza is for the benefit of the new gentrifiers and actually not for the safety of those of us who have hung out an lived on this corner for years.

We plan to continue doing Coffee Not Cops every other Sunday at 11 a.m. Join us with your literature, banners, music, art, food, conversation, and/or other contributions to expanding and reclaiming our neighborhood commons. And don’t forget! Food Not Bombs serves every Thursday at 16th and Mission plaza. If you want to help cook, drop by Station 40 at 5pm.

Below is the text to the flyer we hand out to folks in the plaza during Coffee Not Cops:

Coffee Not Cops stands with our neighbors against the eviction epidemic, the new condo developments, police brutality and harassment, and the tech culture that is draining the social and political spirit of our beloved city.

When we serve coffee, many folks in the plaza are confused. “Isn’t it good the cops are here? It actually IS unsafe in the plaza.” We can’t argue that 16th and Mission is a safe place, but we do argue that the reason the cops are finally concerned is because this is slated to be ground zero for a huge puke-worthy condo. All the folks who have lived through the roughness of this corner — survived shoot outs, witnessed and suffered from pimp violence, those who’ve struggled with drug addiction and those who’ve sat here week after week handing out clean needles and harm reduction material — are facing another imminent threat: eviction and/or jail. Let’s say crime stops on 16th and Mission. Do we really think it will be Latino families, working class people, and young people of color who will be around to enjoy this supposed lack of crime? The “cleaned up” plaza is a future designed for all them new tech yuppies, and scared ass rich people who’ve never walked down the same streets as brown folks or homeless people. SFPD claims they’re here for “the community’s safety,” but we know what community they’re talking about.

We serve coffee in the plaza because we want the folks who have hung out and lived in the plaza for years to come back and not be intimidated by the police. See, for many, cops are the ones who are unsafe. Even the supposedly progressive, lgbt friendly San Francisco police are notorious for beat downs and shootings of poor people in general. They especially target black men and people with mental health problems. We don’t want cops to feel like they can come to our plaza and intimidate and harass our neighbors for the benefit of white and rich people with out some push back!

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Sat 3/29 The Art of Resistance: Anti-Gentrification Screen-Printing Workshop 10am-2:30

Saturday March 29
3030B 16th Street

Mission Street artists Yo Soy 132 Bay Area along with Patrick Piazza, a longtime member of the SF Print Collective, will not only demonstrate screen-printing methods, they’ll also teach us how to do-it-ourselves. Then we’ll all dive in to screen print lots of anti-gentrification posters for decorating and defending our city.

All materials will be provided, so just bring yourself and your friends, and make street art.

Donations welcome, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds.

No experience necessary!
All welcome!
Leave with lots of posters!



We changed the time so we can then head to the community march, “Justice for Alejandro Nieto! Jail Killer Cops!” starting at 3 p.m. from the Mission Cultural Center, 2868 Mission St. near 25th St.

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Tuesday 3/25 I’m a Fucking Panther: Radical Organizing in Today’s Sweden 6:30

In February 2011, inspired by the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense, a group of young people of color in Gothenburg, Sweden, organized themselves and formed the Panthers for the Restoration of the Suburbs. Gothenburg is one of the most segregated cities in Europe when it comes to ethnicity, creating ghetto-like suburbs far from the city center. Swedish filmmaker Leo Palmestål, who has participated in Panther events, will discuss the Swedish situation and how the Panthers (or in Swedish, Pantrarna) have responded; he’ll also show his documentary, directed with Anders Rundberg and Jennifer Jerez, I’m a Fucking Panther ( Emory Douglas, minister of culture for the Black Panthers, will join Leo in this conversation.

The last couple of years Sweden have suffered from reductions in the welfare system, causing increasing poverty and social vulnerability. As a result, criminal gangs have grown stronger and shootings that end in deaths have become almost everyday occurrences in many suburbs. The Panthers, a group of young people of color in one of these suburbs, refuse to stand by and watch while the world around them collapses. They demand participation in the decisions taken by politicians and officials in order to create a shift in power—that is, more power to the people.

Their actions have ranged from storming politicians’ meetings to demand that they open up a long-closed youth center to arranging soccer tournaments and summer camps to engage youths in positive activities. Just like the Black Panther Party, the Swedish Panthers use social programs to get young people involved in the democratic processes and become politically aware. The group’s aim is to help youths turn away from crime and demand their rights. And the Panthers do this while chanting “All Power to the People!”

For an interview by Gabriel Kuhn with Panther members Homa Badpa, Yassin Ben Salah, and Murat Solmaz, see

Leo Palmestål studied filmmaking at the University of Gothenburg, worked as an editor for music videos, including Madonna’s Music video, and has made several short films and two documentaries about the Panthers. For more info about the film, see

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